Electronics and software development

Development of finished products at MOKO is a full-cycle design from the creation of a concept and prototypes to the organization of serial production. We are able to develop both from scratch and on the basis of ready-made platforms. We can take on both the full development cycle and part of the project.

We develop both resident software for electronic devices and embedded systems, as well as application software for any application or system, in accordance with the customer's requirements. We are capable of working with a variety of platforms, interfaces, processor architectures, protocols, software and programming languages.


Development of electronics for various purposes

- prototyping
- development of electrical circuit diagrams
- design of printed circuit boards
- design of buildings
- development of design documentation
- organization of serial production


Development of telemetry and control systems

- systems development
- software development
- installation work
- commissioning works
- development of documentation


Software development

- programming of microcontrollers
- PLC programming
- development of desktop applications
- client-server applications
- Web applications
- applications for mobile devices


Laboratory automation

- automation of measurements: testing, calibration, verification
- laboratory management: automated document flow
- automated document creation


Media services

- graphic design
- creation of promo videos
- camera work
- audio and video editing


- Test of the navigation module of the emergency operational services
- Testing sound level meters and microphones in an anechoic chamber
- Verification of pressure transducers
- Automated complex for technological water treatment
- Automated complex for testing washing, dishwashers and drying machines
- Calculation of equipment parameters
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MOKO SE - server platform for the whole range of measurements
MOKO DB is a "thick client" database management laboratory, manufacturing.
MOKO TM - mobile dispatching application
MOKO NMEA0183 and MOKO WPT - telemetry NMEA 0183 protocol
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- Control and telemetry controller - KUiT-862
- Control and telemetry controller - KUiT-553
- Rotating device MRT-1000
- WI-FI JB1 button
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